Wednesday, January 19, 2011

His whisper through my words

I never thought I'd say it. But the whiny plague that often weighs down on my precious children taught me something the other day.

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It was one of those moments when the words came out of my mouth yet I knew it was Him speaking directly to me.

"Baby girl, do you trust me? Your whiny heart tells me that you are not trusting my love right now?"

Trusting My love...

Do you hear Him? Speaking to me?

My feet paused as my mind soaked in His whisper.

We deceive ourselves into thinking that this whole parenting thing is all about us--the adults--teaching them--the children--how to do this life thing well. Then He pierces us through the very words that leave our lips.

Slowly but surely I'm learning that parenting has just as much to do with me being transformed into His holy vessel, as it does with them being taught His ways.

Oh He is so patient.

"Lord, I want to trust You. I know that Your love blankets my very existence. Forgive me. Cleanse me. I choose to set my eyes upon You."

Bringing it home...

How has He spoken to you through your own words of instruction to another?

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