Friday, January 21, 2011

the shuffle of faithful feet

He wins some small battles for our heart affections. We walk in a fog, playing the game of deception. Hope he steals and joy he swipes, with no regard for my own tear-stained, dark, sleepless nights.

But the shuffle of glorious and faithful strong feet move high above the clouds, with His-story to complete. His children under covenant, sealed with sacrificial love; songs of praise seep out of His throne room above.

photo credit - brenda starr

Listen deep, breathe Him in, though the wolves may surround. He sees your earnest longing--in Him alone true life is found. You are not forgotten. You are not alone. His plan is unfolding. His name will be known.

Stand firm; His own promises cannot be thwarted, in spite of this cold world's declarations distorted. Stir up the fire, the coals, burning ember. Believe, abide, love strong, and remember...


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