Monday, January 3, 2011

laying stones

I forget much. To the level of embarrassing. In fact, I usually give approximates when it comes to the exact birth weights of my children. Can we say pathetic?

But considering how often God instructs His people to purposefully "remember" tells me that I may not be completely alone.

So today I am linking up with Katie Orr over at Do Not Depart to lay some stones of remembrance for 2010. Things that God did in my own heart, home, and ministry for which He deserves all the praise.

original photo courtesy of catherine hadler


  • God continues to break my own heart-chains that had suffocated for years. Lies. Expectations. Supposed rights. He is freeing me to truly love--truly love. And He is patient with my process.


  • My six-year-old asked Jesus "into her heart." So precious. Now she wants to know whether or not every establishment we enter and every person we meet is Christian. It's priceless.

  • My four-year-old followed suit, under his sister's slight pressure, to also ask Jesus into his heart. We are still clarifying the basics of said decision.

  • The Lord continues to redeem our marriage. We serve a very big God who heals and transforms those places where it appears the enemy has won. (I love you, babe, and am blessed to do this life-thing with you.)

  • So I stand on this promise, "He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus." Philippians 1:6


  • I finished the majority of my first book and sent the proposal to a handful of publishers. Now I wait on and believe Him for the harvest.

  • Though I have been graced with various teaching opportunities over the years, this was the first year I was the speaker at a women's conference. Like, "the" speaker. Yikes. More conferences and venues are now booked for 2011. The Lord is truly opening doors for the calling that He placed on my heart years ago. He wows me.

And some personal randoms...

  • We stopped using diapers. The baby of the family is no longer a baby. Thankful for three healthy children.

  • I cooked my first Christmas turkey. (Yes, I'm thirty-five-years-old.) Thankful that He always provides.

Bringing it home...

What about you? What stones of remembrance for 2010 do you want to lay?

Daniel Fast-ers...

To hunger pangs I say, "Lord I hunger more for You!"

Looking forward to praying with each of you individually as we start this venture. If you haven't already, please email me at if you want to share accountability and encouragement as we walk this road.

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