Tuesday, January 4, 2011

fav Christmas gift {on the lighter side}

Aren't these the most precious things you have ever seen? I mean really. The colors and workmanship.

I received them in the mail from one of my favorite friends over Christmas. I called her and left a message saying, "I absolutely want to love the present you made for me.

But I have no clue what they are. Call me."

I'm crazy, I know.

Her out of town travels meant she didn't receive my message. So I took matters into my own hands. I carried my beautiful new gift to a ladies night and polled my dear Bible study friends.

The conclusions varied. One thought sure they were to be threaded through your belt as a type of belt-purse. Another was certain that they hung around your wrist to safely carry keys and a cellphone while hands were full of packages or groceries. I personally liked my first assessment which had something to do with earrings slash ear warmers of sorts.

But a few days later I caught up with my sweet friend via email. It turns out...

Drum roll please...

They are...

SLIPPERS! We laughed. And I love them!

Bringing it home...

Do you have any funny Christmas gift stories? I would love to hear.

If not, what was your favorite Christmas gift?

Daniel Fast-ers...

Practically speaking, how are you being purposeful in prayer?

Remember with me that this is not a time of dieting, rather a time of communing with and humbling ourselves before our Lord. Feasting on Him and His foods.

I am just so excited to walk this journey beside you! I am already thrilled by the God-stories you have to share.

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