Friday, January 28, 2011


This is my flesh and blood sister. It isn't her birthday or the anniversary of some major life happening. It's just Friday and she makes me smile.

We live only a mile from one another. Our kids tumble and laugh and chase. And sometimes fuss. But she holds this place in my heart that insists I sit back and exhale a purposeful word of thanksgiving. I've never mentioned her here, in this my-reflection-space.

These days our conversations steer towards our great God. We still quote our favorite movies or laugh at our own mama coming out in our words, but when we hover around and about our Lord, the bond goes deeper. What a treasure.

He does this though. He places people in our lives with which to be real--people who have seen us wearing our thick glasses with no make-up, or wiped tears from our eyes when life stings raw. People given as a gift, to sharpen and build and encourage.

We were not meant to live isolated days. He created with community at the root, that we would take off the veil of people pleasing perfection and just be. She is one of the ones He gave me--seeing me and loving regardless.

I love you my sister. My friend. He is doing a precious work in you.

Bringing it home...

Who is someone that He has given as a gift to your life?

Maybe today is a good day to tell them how much they are loved.

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