Monday, January 31, 2011

the challenge to maximize our mornings

So much potential arises with the sun. The start of a fresh day. The sight of a sky painted as the Artist's canvas. The pouring out of His new mercies.

photo credit - romainguy

But the demands can blindside me. In mere seconds of my three little ones opening their eyes, I am needed. Needed to fix breakfast. Needed to soothe any early tears. Needed to wipe...everything.

If I do not purposefully take the time to listen to His voice, then the noise of living quickly tries to drown Him out. And my heart is left wrestling for Truth. Wrestling to love.

I had this professor at seminary who used to say, "We cannot coast through a single day." He was right. All we have is today. We cannot live on yesterday's faith. I think that is why my moments of quiet with the Lord before the kids arise have become such a precious necessity.

So I am excited to play a small part in Kat's challenge over at Inspired to Action. She has written the (FREE) ebook called Maximize your Mornings, giving women practical tips on developing life-long habits to maximize our morning routines. Her heart to encourage is priceless.

So how about you? Are you wanting Him to invade your morning moments? Head over here to read more.

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