Tuesday, February 1, 2011

remaining purposeful in cyber-space

A small piece of me longs for simpler days. When phones hung on walls and information waited to be discovered in libraries. Instead I wake to my cell vibrating on the nightstand with messages that have streamed in while I slept.

photo credit - flickr D. Bjorn

We live in a noisy, cyber world that can easily consume us. And though the Internet is not satan's spawn nor does Twitter plot evil against mere humans, I have a deep craving that beckons from within.

A cry for His still, small voice to guide me.

Yesterday I shared how my morning quiet before the Lord proves vital in facing these busy days. But once those morning minutes tick away, life awaits. And I want Him to meet me in its midst.

One way I stay focused in our cyber-culture is by determining my "why" and my "how long." Why am I here? And, how long should I stay? Knowing the answer to these two questions enables me to take charge of these fleeting minutes that add up to today.

How do you remain purposeful in our busy, cyber world?

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