Tuesday, March 8, 2011

pornography. a door leading to soul-death.

It now saturates the church pews, suffocating the minds and homes of too many to count.

Pornography. There. I said it.

It takes men and women captive through empty promises of satisfaction. Lies defining sex as external and simplistic, something to be bought and sold and hidden.

But the lies eat away at one's soul.

He created sex. He designed it in all of its glory and mystery. Denying Him centrality in its discussion leaves sexuality as a mere facade. Apart from His voice, we miss the fullness.

Yet too many are bound--seduced. And I find myself burdened for my own children. Burdened for my own boys.

If left unaddressed, one taste can lead to a feasting which can lead to an addiction which can lead to soul destruction.

So how can we help others battle against the deception? How can we equip our kids to fight for purity?

Here are four very basic ideas--very basic ideas. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, as situations can get very sticky and multi-dimensional.

  1. Pray. Commune with the Lord. If we are concerned for someone, then the place to begin is on our knees before the Holy One. Asking for His vision. Asking for His strength. Asking for His wisdom. Asking for His timing.

  2. Confront. With unconditional love at the core, desiring to see the other live free from lies, approach with the utmost humility. Remember that apart from His great grace, it would be me still bound by chains.

  3. Equip. Especially with regard to our children, may we teach them to "sharpen their swords." Show them from the word God's instruction and design. Teach them how to meditate on truth and take captive their lustful thoughts.

  4. Wait. Allow God some space to move around. Allow others some time to respond. In the meantime, love.

Bringing it home...

As I said above this is not a comprehensive list. What would you add?

How are you equipping your own children to battle against lust?

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