Wednesday, March 9, 2011

believing Him active when it feels He must be static

He is moving. He is active. He is never static. Someone needs to hear that.

There have been seasons in my life--too many seasons--where I have doubted his movement. Times when I defined my God through the situations in which my feet appeared stuck. And it felt as if he had stepped off of his throne for a bit.

But our faith is the victory. Believing him to be who he has declared himself to be, regardless of what our eyes may see in the finite, brings freedom.

I have written a book--well, most of a book. An unpublished book. I know he led me to write its pages. I know it will be published one day. Yet, I wait. And wait. And I have choice in the waiting.

I could sulk and whine and demand, causing my soul to live under the pains of anxiety. Or I can believe him to be working. I can walk through the doors he opens and trust his timing to be absolutely perfect, allowing his peace to be my guard.

Faith is the victory. Believing him to be God. Mighty. Faithful. Love. Sufficient. Good. Active. Holy. True. Able. Beyond me.

Bringing it home...

Practically speaking, HOW can we choose to believe him? What does it look like in the day-to-day?

I would love for you to join me over at the MODsquad today where I ponder prayer by asking, "Do I truly want to pray away possible circumstances that are meant to strengthen and develop faith in the Almighty?"

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