Thursday, March 31, 2011

standing in front of the near-naked woman

We finished our trip to the grocery store in record time, without any potty breaks. Which, by the way, is a pure miracle. I wrestled the over sized, impossible-to-turn, racecar-cart into the check-out aisle, and there she stood.

Gorgeous. Curvy. Seductive. Near-naked. Air-brushed. Right at eye-level with my two young boys and my one impressionable girl--all three actively working-out "beauty" in their hearts and minds.

I had a mental moment imagining myself in slow motion diving over the cart obstrocity into the magazine stand speaking in a deep, slow voice, "nooooooo," in efforts to protect their precious eyes from images too mature.

I quickly snapped back into reality. And I breathed prayer to Him, "Father, guard their hearts. Blind their eyes to unnecessary things." Then I repositioned myself in front of her voluptuousness.

I think that's part of our call as parents. To be a buffer. To stand in the gap. To pray for their protection from falsity.

But then our call is to rest in the love of our great God.

Faith will be our place of victory. Trusting Him to be moving on behalf of His own, forever reigning over the details. Even in the grocery store check-out.

He is greater than any magazine cover. He is greater than any perversion that enters their sweet lives. He is worthy of our trust.

Bringing it home...

How have you seen the battle to keep your children "innocent" play out in your own life?

How goes your trust in your sovereign God?

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