Friday, March 4, 2011

these are the things that ignite my flesh

I have triggers--circumstances that ignite a flesh response. They hold with them the potential of sending me into slight freak-out mode. And it ain't pretty.

I read the words of Paul describing the flesh--envy grouped together with murder--and I am reminded of my absolute depravity before a holy God. My flesh depravity. Galatians 5:16-25

No "work of the flesh" is more detestable than another. All point to selfish intents. All reveal a heart in pursuit of "me."

But He is teaching me to identify the things that trigger my flesh. And as my awareness grows, I am more prepared to put out a spark before it starts a roaring fire.

So here are three of my personal triggers and some basics to my "fiery flesh prevention."

  1. The Clock

    When I have to race the clock to get somewhere on time--with three young kids in tow--my blood pressure rises.

    Practical solution for me: Begin transitions earlier, like loading the car fifteen minutes before I actually want to pull out of the driveway. Or abbreviating my morning mommy tasks by preparing some things the night before.

  2. The Whining

    When my kids enter into whiny-mode, my ears ache. Literally. It gets into my brain and eats away any remnants of sanity. (OK, I jest a bit.)

    Practical solution for me: Flee. But if I cannot flee due to obvious reasons, then I stop and breathe and pray. I remind that "mommy does not understand whiny voices." And I teach (again) that whiny words reveal a whiny heart. “Let’s each name three things for which we are thankful.”

  3. The Mess

    When my house is a cluttered mess
    , I can get tunnel vision. I focus on the stuff instead of the little ones who need me to be fully present.

    Practical solution for me: Along with encouraging our kids to put away what they get out, I do a 20-minute clean sweep through the house each day. I start in the laundry room and fly through the house at unmentionable speeds putting away the strays.

Situations will arise that can easily ignite our flesh responses. But in Christ we do not have to live enslaved to the flesh. That's why He died. And rose. And sealed us with His Spirit.

The only fire escape is through His power, His wisdom, and His filling.

{P.S. My firefighter man will be so proud of my fire analogies.}

Bringing it home...

Have you identified any of your flesh triggers?

Are you willing {and brave enough} to share?

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