Monday, April 4, 2011

being freed from the comparison rut

I can fall into a comparison rut if I'm not careful. If I do not diligently guard my heart ponderings, then my mind will entertains lies. And it can happen so quickly.

A click here, a post there, and before long I'm believing myself to be a horrible mom, an ungrateful wife, a bad dresser, with a frumpy house. Then I just want to eat. Chips or chocolate. Or both.

But that is not what He has for His children. If we set our gaze down here in search of our identity, then we will be left wanting. We will be left comparing.

If we look at those beside us to determine our worth, then the abundance He intended for our daily moments is stolen. And we bow out, surrendering to lies.

When I find myself in that place--holding me up next to another fallen person--there is only one way to freedom. I have to go back to what I know is true.

You, o Lord, are true. You have created me wonderfully unique, with meticulous purpose. You have good things for my today...and my tomorrow. Your love is a banner over my life. Your plans include blessing, even through the hard. Give me your vision. Forgive my discontent. I choose praise. I choose thanks. I choose to believe.

The winds then slowly change. A smile creeps onto my face. A song is churned. And I take His hand's invitation to dance.

Bringing it home...

How have you wrestled with the comparison?

How do you choose Truth rather than believe the lies?

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