Thursday, April 7, 2011

my ponderings from a courtroom

I went to court a couple of weeks ago. Yes. Humbling. Back in January, a delightful police officer *wink* gave me a traffic ticket on my way out of town for a conference. A conference in which I was the speaker. About the Bible. And God. And holiness. *sigh*

Anyway, my court date finally arrived in which I had the chance to explain "my side of the story." I pictured myself going before a huge man in a black robe, with shackles clanking at my ankles. It ended up being much less dramatic.

As I sat on a hard bench in a mostly brown courtroom with 200ish other traffic offenders, I started thinking. And then I started writing. So here they are, my ponderings from a courtroom...

clouds above the skyline--

floating quiet,

while I sit in a stale room

with faces looking forward.

waiting. waiting. waiting.

but He's here--

knowing each and every soul,

every tear that fell last night,

every fear that steals the peace.

I wonder how many know.

how many see?

how many look to You for life--

the Maker of the skyline?

I wish I could tell you that revival broke out amongst my fellow violators and we had church. But the magistrate was firm in her no-talking policy. So I settled for quiet musings with Him, praying that those beside me might be blessed by my conference notes laid open on my lap. The word does not return void.

And I know you are just dying to know the verdict. Well. I have to go back to court. Again. One day before another conference. Apparently the magistrate cannot hear defense. Though, I might add, she thinks I have a good one. So I'm on the books, still without shackles.

Bringing it home...

How has God shown up in the most unexpected of places?

OR, how have you been humbled lately? Oh, come on. We're all friends.

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