Tuesday, May 3, 2011

rest for the weary

"Come to Me." To him. All who are weary and he will give us rest. (Matthew 11:28)

This is good, my friends. I try to avoid using too much Hebrew as to bore your socks off, but this is so very good.

Rest signifies to give intermission from labor, to give rest, to refresh so to recover strength.

"Intermission from labor." I love that. Who needs an intermission from the toil? Who needs a refreshing in order to recover some strength?

He says to come to him.

Coming to him looks like me, bowing down in my living room and laying it all before him. Again. It sounds like my voice, declaring his revealed character and speaking the raw. He never flinches. It feels like the weight slowly lifting and his peace faithfully falling.

Rest given. Strength recovered.

Bringing it home...

How do you come to him when you are wearied?

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