Monday, May 12, 2008

Big Spinning Bottoms

From 5/1/08

You can tell by my lack of entries that life can get pretty busy being a mommy to 3 little ones. But I do want to do this blog thing. It really is a bit therapeutic. So... what to talk about tonight. I don't think I will lay such a heavy topic on you this time. Instead let's talk about spinning in circles.

My 20 month old son is a real trip. I mean he is super funny for such a young guy. The things he thinks of blow my mind. The other night after bath (oh, yeah, quick side-note. As I have said before I have "gone green" in some ways and am using cloth diapers for my two boys. Well at night you really have to pad those little behinds or else there will be leaks. So I put three layers of organic cotton and fleece, topped with a PUL cover. After all that is strapped on I stretch their pj pants over this monstrosity of a diaper. And I tell you it is hysterical. My middle guy waddles around his room with the biggest bottom you have ever seen on a child. The song, "Baby Got Back" just seems to stream through my mind. And no, I no longer listen to rap music. But in college I am sad to say my music choices were not very uplifting or God-honoring.)

So back to spinning. Picture this bottom heavy toddler starting to spin in circles. This is the guy who has absolutely no fear. So he is spinning around his sister's room until before I can say anything...or catch him...he falls head first into the wall. Yes, the wall. He looks at me stunned for just a split second then gets back up, bottom and all, and starts spinning again. I mean, didn't he learn: spin too many times, lose balance, smash into the wall. Seems pretty logical to me. But no, he continues to spin and topple into a few other pieces of furniture before deciding he was "all-done".

I remember doing that as a child. Do you? I would spin and spin and then stop only to have my mind keep circling. There has to be a lesson in that. I am just to tired to think of one.

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