Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's eat

OK, so there are moments that occur in our home that I wish could be expressed with words. So I am going to try.

Every night at dinner there arises a small dispute between my 4 and 2 year old as to who will say the prayer (yes, I know, seems ironic). After quickly trying to explain that arguing over such things is opposed to God's desires, we decide, sometimes loudly, who will pray first.

So the other night it was just me and the kids, and with our same procedure I decided that Hailey, the 4 year old, would go first. Just to give you insight, she is my performer. She loves to sing and dance, though she has never had any formal training. You can imagine. So she proceeds to sing her prayer. Yes, sing; and the song was one of her originals. She covered many topics in her song to the Lord from her thankfulness of flowers and trees to how she loved the birthday party she had recently attended. The inflection, passion, and even hand motions left me speechless.

And though completely and absolutely precious, I had to hold back the laughter as the song continued for the next 2 minutes. No seriously.

Once she said, sang, "Amen" it was my 2 year old's turn. He is not my singer but keeping in step with his older, wiser, all-knowing sister he had to follow suit. So with hand motions and unintelligible words he proceeded to "sing" his own prayer, periodically inserting a forceful, "Close Your Eyes!" to his sister who watched in awe.

As his sonnet came to a close, I looked at everyone and with a deep breath said, "OK, let's eat." These are the moments I hope to never forget.

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Betsy Durand said...

Oh, Lara, I feel as though you are sitting in my dining room-- our boys do the same thing....argue over who prays first. Sometimes, all four of us pray before dinner and I have to remember that the cold, cold dinner is not a big deal when it comes to teaching your children that we pray at all times and for everything. But, sometimes I must admit I ask the Lord, "do we really need to teach them to pray about everything!" Thanks for the laugh and encouragement!

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