Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My heart just melted

Yesterday Hailey was invited to go to a "Dancing with Jesus!" class. She heard the word "dance" and a huge smile jumped onto her little pixie face. She put on her leotard, tights, skirt, and ballet shoes 2 hours before she was to be picked up. I was clueless as to what this class actually entailed but sent her along with a friend and her daughter, not thinking much about it.

When I picked Hailey up, my friend said that the two girls mainly watched as the others (ages 4 to 6) free danced for Jesus with scarves. Then they warmed up when the instructor began to teach positions and part of a routine. "Good," I thought as I juggled thoughts in my mind as to what I was going to cook for dinner. I said my thank yous and shuffled her into the car, filled with bags from my errands and her two brothers tired, hungry, and whining.

After dinner Hailey shouts from the playroom, "Mommy come here. I want to show you what I learned." "I will be there in a minute," I said, distracted by the tornado called mealtime that went through my kitchen 20 minutes prior. Finally I walk in the playroom, "Show me what you learned, sweet girl."

Not knowing what to expect, she shows me first position, third position, and then says, "This is my favorite part..." She proceeds to explain while she moved, "First you walk forward like you are walking to Jesus, then you reeeeeach up to the sky and look up like you are looking at Jesus and wanting Him to pick you up. That's my favorite part," she repeated. At that moment it was just me and her and God. My boys were crying, the playroom was a disaster, it was getting late and we were getting "off schedule." But at that moment it was just me and her and God. And my heart just melted.

How precious. How pure. How perfect.

Jesus says we are to come to him with childlike faith, walking, running to Him, then looking into His face and reaching up our arms for Him to hold us. Oh, that I would remember that priceless moment and follow in my daughter's example. Simply joying in and dancing for Him.


If you are interested in finding out more about these various classes (offered in Greensboro, NC for ages 4 to adult) contact Tricia Ling at 336.292.5010 or email at

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collegemommy said...

Her dance reminded me of how I picture God, reaching out to hold me. I love to think about that moment when I will get to heaven and the embrace I hope to have with my Saviour!! May Hailey always say "this is my favorite part."

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