Monday, February 23, 2009

Bag Lady

I have termed my sweet daughter "Bag Lady" (Is this a derogatory term?; I really don't mean for it to be). She is forever collecting a bunch of stuff in bags. Most of the time she says she is going somewhere but I think it just reflects a bigger truth: she is a pack-rat.

I say this with nothing but love; I mean, she comes by it honest. No, not me. I am at the absolute opposite end of the pack-rat spectrum. I will throw away your favorite anything if it is left out of place long enough. Not her though...and not her daddy. They keep everything.

For instance, if you need a speed bump we have one in our garage. Seriously, my dear husband saw it in a trash pile and couldn't believe that the Greensboro Fire Department would throw it away...So he brought it home.

And my daughter wants to keep every single work of art she creates, including menu drawings from restaurants. The special folder I made for her creations is bulging at every corner and the thought of parting with any sends her into a panic.

So what am I trying to learn from this personality trait? Its not wrong; It sometimes feels really wrong, but its not wrong, just different from me. And that's OK.

*Permission was given by my beloved husband to reveal all incriminating evidence.

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emily said...

it's a williams thing. all that artwork? i know for a fact that some of adam's elementary school masterpieces are still floating around. ok, ok mine too...i'm just as bad ;)

lara said...

it's good in some ways; i know that if i need practically anything he might have it in the garage somewhere. And he does keep all of his stuff fairly organized, so i don't complain. he calls it resourceful. :)

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