Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Demand and You May Receive

The story of Israel demanding a king always sends chills down my spine. On a general note the Israelites were not trusting the Lord and were easily swayed toward other gods (again); but what makes this especially chilling is that they didn't heed the specific warning from Samuel, their godly judge (See 1 Samuel chapter 8).

The bottom line? They wanted to be like the other nations who had a king. So they demanded and the Lord obliged.

Oh how I don't want that to be my story. I don't want the Lord to "give in" to anything I demand of Him; especially if it is outside of His best for me. I don't want to insist on something that godly counsel and His Word warn against. He just might give it.

Thankfully He is a sovereign God, meaning that He reigns over all. He is able to turn demanded circumstances that yield corruption and heartbreak into moments of beauty and abundance...IF we let Him and IF we turn to Him.

Father, in the words of Christ, not my will but Yours be done.

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1 comment:

Amber said...

This always get me, too. And the verse that says 'God was sorry he had made him their king.' Every time like a dagger through the heart. Even when I read it in the kid's beginner's Bible. I pray God is never sorry for anything he asked of me.

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