Sunday, February 1, 2009

The day the Little People invaded

This is my kitchen floor the other night at 6 p.m. while I was trying to cook dinner. "Trying" is the key word here.

My kids had meticulously carried each and every Little People person and animal into the kitchen and carefully lined them across the floor. So I am sauteing green beans, draining the pasta, setting the table all while dodging miniature seals and pigs, saying with as much grace as I can muster "Good job, Bryson. You are really good at making straight lines."

"Is there a lesson to be learned?" I ask. Ummm, I'm at a loss. But at least they worked as a team.

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Amber said...

Mine do the EXACT same thing with either little metal cars or necklaces. Both very unforgiving. If i'm lucky enough to get them to keep the toys in the playroom, then they lay in lines on the floor, oh well :)

lara said...

I guess we should be flattered that they just want to be near us...right?!

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