Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Help me, Help you

I don't know how to help her stop. The habit seems to be in complete control of her. It is my 4 year old and she sucks her thumb. Her and I have been discussing our game plan to demolish this behavior. But she is reluctant. Sucking her thumb brings her comfort; and she isn't giving it up without a fight.

This morning was priceless. She explains her bargain, "How about I just suck my thumb a little at my daytime nap, but then when it is nighttime I don't suck my thumb at all?" Sounds reasonable, right?! But here is the problem: when you try to negotiate with a destructive habit, it will eventually control you.

Whether it is sucking your thumb (which hopefully you have laid down if you are reading this blog) or another "little habit" you struggle putting away, ask yourself if the behavior is destructive or productive. Like thumb-sucking, destructive habits are sometimes slow to show the effects. But over time you will have crooked teeth.

I have nothing but love for you, sweet friend, that is why I don't want you (OR ME!) to have to pay for braces.

P.S. Any suggestions on helping her kick the habit are well received and much appreciated.

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