Friday, April 10, 2009


I am just like you. I love a good cup of coffee, perfect Spring weather, walks on the beach, shopping for a new outfit, vacationing with friends, having a clean home, seeing my kids happy, pursuing my dreams, eating a fine meal, and laughing until it hurts. But this world is not my home.

Whenever I read the words of Jesus, in almost every instance I understand that He was only a visitor to this earth. His home was and is with the Father. That truth permeated every teaching and underscored every motive.

We hear words throughout the pages of scripture like "sojourner" and "ambassador" but does this describe our own heart and devotion? How comfortable are we here in this broken world? How much do we depend on this temporary life for fulfillment? Don't get me wrong. When God created He said that it was very good. He does bring blessing here in this physical place. And we should enjoy the gift we have been given--laugh a little...laugh a lot.

But honestly, the closer I get to God, the more I taste of His sweet Spirit, then the greater longing I have to see His precious face one day. This is not our home. If you call the Creator of this universe, "Daddy," then your true home is with Him. Rejoice in the hope, my friend. Rejoice.

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