Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Be a Blessing

I want my kids to be givers. But for them to be givers then I must be a giver.

After my post yesterday morning I pondered what God had laid upon my heart. "Lord, show me ways in the moments today how I can get my eyes off of myself and onto others." I was then confronted by the words of Joyce Meyers--no not personally, though I would love to meet her for a "Jesus praise fest." She reinforced what God had been stirring in my own spirit.

In essence she said, "We as Christians shouldn't have to have a 4 hour prayer meeting over whether or not to part with $10 that someone else needs." She qualified her statement by explaining that she isn't saying that so we would send her money. "Just do something. Just give to someone." She continued, "I have a new deal going with God--if someone crosses my path with a need then I will meet it unless God tells me not to. This should just be what we do as Christians."

A little while later I proceeded to explain to the three little faces in the back of my vehicle--with passionate inflection--why we need to be givers. "Let's ask God to show us someone we can help today," I insisted. With blank stares they all agreed--well my little guy didn't know what was going on but I could tell he was all in.

Would you know that an opportunity arose--God is cool. My daughter and I were dropping off some old baby clothes to a consignment shop when we were approached by a woman. She asked how much I would take for the box of 12-month girl clothes. Everything I had been meditating upon flooded my spirit, "Take it," I said. "What? No I can pay you something," she responded. "No, I insist. Take it. I am a Christian. I love Jesus. And He would want me to give this to you because He loves you. So take it. Here, you want this box too? Take it also."

After she loaded her car, my daughter and I proceeded to take the rest of our things inside the store. One of the owners said, "We really do not condone selling in front of our shop." I said, "Oh, I understand. I actually just gave those things to her." Silence.

As I walked away from the checkout, I overheard the shop workers talking about that lady, "I think she had been trying to shoplift. Did she ever show you her baby?" "No," said the other, "I asked her how old her baby was, if I could peak in her carrier, and she avoided the question." It was at this moment that I had a choice--do I let the enemy steal the joy of giving or trust God to work in this woman's heart?

When we got in the car I said to my daughter, "You know, we should pray that that lady will see the love of God by our giving to her; and that she would come to make good choices because God cares for her."

Maybe we were scammed. But honestly that is not our place to judge. I want to teach my kids to be givers--open to give when a need presents itself. I don't want to teach them to be a judge--wise, yes; discerning, absolutely; but not a judge. I tell you all of that not to give myself a pat on the back--please hear my heart. It has nothing to do with me. My point is that God will show us how we can give--of our time, our resources--so that others may be blessed. When they see the goodness of God, they may just turn to Him--Giver of life and love.

Ask God to show you how to be a blessing this day--to your husband, your children, a friend, or a lost world. He will faithfully reveal.

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Amber said...

Awesome!! I made the decision to live my life that way about a decade a go and I have never regretted it for a minute. I get giddy when God puts ideas in my head of where to go or what to do. The hard part- with young kids- sometimes, is obeying in a timely fashion, but we do our best :)

There are times when the enemy tries to steal the focus. People will think you are nuts, but that's what we want- 'to be bonkers for Jesus'! At least we know they won't soon forget.

I've also felt like sometimes God is using me to impact someone later in their life. Our interaction might not take hold for years, but that's what makes God the Great Orchestrater :) And it reminds me that this was not my idea and we are not following my itinerary. I have no idea (or responsibility) to what God is doing in that person's heart. He just wants me to simply obey and He will handle the rest- freeing when you think about it. Keep on sweet sister!!

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