Monday, August 10, 2009


If you have walked with me this past week through 2 Corinthians then you know I am now in chapter 5; and it is dense with hope. In previous chapters I have pulled 2-4 verses that I want to be engraved upon my heart--not out of some legalistic obligation, but because the Word gives life as we apply it to our own places of brokenness. Chapter 5, however, is dense. I have noted between 10-12 verses, and that was conservative.

"Lord, Your Word is rich. You could never be exhausted. Praise You!"

The thing about Paul is the gaze of his eyes. At the end of chapter 4 he says that he does not look (set his gaze) upon that which is seen but rather that which is unseen--for it is eternal. Then in chapter 5 he gives a glimpse into this unseen reality--this eternal drive in his spirit.

In summary, he opens by describing his inward groaning to be clothed in the heavenly habitation that is to come. Groaning! What do I groan for--presence with the Lord or earthly blessing? This kind of groaning is a work of the Spirit of God within us. As we seek after the face of God--intimacy with our Creator--then our inward man will begin groaning for His presence.

He explains that we have been given the Spirit of God as a guarantee--literally meaning "earnest money." Through the blood of Christ we have been bought and our Purchaser has given us a down payment of what is to come. Think on that for a minute!

He closes the chapter by explaining that in Christ we are a new creation--old things have passed away and all things have become new. Therefore he is an ambassador for Christ, as though God is pleading through him, "be reconciled to God."

"At the end of the day"--OK, is this phrase not totally overused! Anyway...--Paul's eyes are set, fixed, on that which is unseen--and the unseen is inexhaustible! So where is my gaze? Where is yours? This life will bring difficulties--some will be a little uncomfortable and others will feel like your heart has literally been ripped from your very being. Regardless, God is always faithful. He is always reigning. He is motivated by love. And His ways are for our good. Do you believe?

This day when emotions have the chance of running high--and believe me, they will have the chance--preach truth to yourself. Stir up the Spirit within you. He will not disappoint.

For further nourishment: 2 Corinthians 5

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