Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Thing

This is the day...

We only have today, so what are you doing? What am I? I have been consumed lately with the "moment."

We took our kids to the beach this past weekend. In other words, we took our "craziness" to another location and did the same thing there--just with sand. While there, God continually reminded me of my one task in those brief moments away--allow Him to love them through me. That's the point.

It is good to plan and think ahead, to dream and have vision; but if our moments today are spent hoping for another time and place we will miss the blessing of this day.

I love to write. Some days I get to break away and spend hours with the Lord, a cup of coffee, and my laptop. Yes. Yes. Other days my time is spent doing laundry, applying band aids, and imagining to be a princess or knight. Either day, either situation, I am called to one thing--reflect my Lord and His gracious love everywhere these feet may go. Whether to my precious kids, the server at the coffee shop, or those who may one day read that which I type--reflect the Lord.

So I ask again, where are you today? Where am I? What are we doing in the moments of this Thursday? If we are faithful with our moments we will be faithful with our lives. Abide in Him, friend.

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