Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Without hope, Without faith

I have been thinking on the concept of hope. Hope. What is it? According to Strong's, hope is a "favorable and confident expectation, a forward look with assurance." Throughout the Bible we are told to put our hope in God--He fails not, His love endures, His promises will be accomplished.

So how does hope play out in our day-to-day?

We all have desires--hopes for this life. But if we put our hope in circumstances or people, we are standing on unstable ground. God has spoken many promises over the lives of those who trust in Him. We can expect--confidently and favorably--that those things will come to pass. But the amazing thing about God is that He not only gives these awesome, overarching promises to His own, He also promises very specific things to the life of him or her submitted to His voice.

As we begin delighting in Him--seeking first His kingdom and righteousness--He will give us His desires for our lives. His desires may be made known through His Word or simply as quiet, sure, places in our hearts. But be confident, He will bring those things to pass!

We must remember, however, that His timing is perfect and His vision unlimited. As John Piper says, when God does one thing in your or my life, He is doing 1000's of things we cannot comprehend. Our hope must rest--with glad expectation--in the God who is able to perform that which He says.

Hopelessness is faithlessness. Join me today in restoring our hope in the God who will fulfill His Word.

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