Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free Flowing

To those of you who haven't fully accepted this "Jesus thing," what I am about to say may sound absurd. But my prayer is that God would pierce hearts and open eyes. Unless He moves, ears will not hear.

I am thinking on the Spirit of God--a topic that needs volumes to even grace the surface. But there are just two brief aspects that have hit me afresh this morning. First, His Spirit is a gift to those who love Him--a gift of Power. His Spirit guides, teaches, helps, and renews. The idea that the very Spirit of God Himself would dwell within man should itself cause our knees to hit the dirt in thanksgiving. He is a gift to those who love His appearing--a foretaste of glory.

Second, when His Spirit makes His home in the heart of a man, or woman, the person changes. In 1 Samuel 10:6, Samuel prophesies over Saul and explains that when the Spirit of the Lord comes upon him, he "will be turned into another man." Wow. In fact when the prophecy is fulfilled, people who knew him "before" asked one another in confusion, "What has come upon Saul? Is he among the prophets?" (see 1 Samuel 10:9-13)

This gift of God Himself changes our very being. We become another person from the inside-out. The question then arises, in the moments of my day do I listen to and obey this awesome voice of Truth--this gracious gift--or do I quench His guidance with my own agenda? Shed light, Lord, shed light.

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