Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mommy Moments

I hear the word "mommy" about 8,486 times per day. OK, so I haven't actually counted but it's a lot. And usually it is more like, "MOOOMMMMMYYYYY, MAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAA, MOOOOOMMMMYYYY"--loud, with three different voices behind each petition.

Parenting is one of the most stretching jobs on earth, especially the more preschoolers you have at one time--mainly because that means the more teenagers you will have at one time. Lord, help me! But as I always say, it's the moments that matter.

There is a phrase--I do not remember the source--that says, "Our kids won't remember the things we did with them, they will remember how we made them feel." Wow. So what do I want my kids to feel from my interactions with them? Love. Security. Honor. I want them to feel with me how I should feel in the hands of my heavenly Father.

One of my continual prayers as a young mom is that I would see my kids how He sees my kids. That I would have His vision and His wisdom rather than some tainted, selfish, list-following view from below. He designed them. They are His. My job is to simply take their hand and place it into His so that they learn the place of ultimate security and love.

I cannot do it on my own. The moments are way too intense. Only by the power of His filling, the strength of His might--and a few moments locked in the bathroom--am I able to reflect Him rightly. Lord, it's Thursday and it must be You who does this thing through me today. Glorify Your name.

I hear them stirring. They call me "mommy."

If the topic of parenting causes sorrow to arise in you, then there is only one solid place upon which to stand--the character of the God of the universe. He is fully sovereign, completely faithful, motivated by love, and sees your every single tear. He has not forgotten you. Stand there and breathe.

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