Saturday, February 20, 2010


Keeping things on the lighter side this Saturday morning.

Our family pre-bought the new Toby Mac cd back at Christmas--yes, trying to brainwash the kids early. The actual release was a couple of weeks ago. There is a short rhyme on the album by Toby Mac's son--Trudog--and my three kids are obsessed. In fact, we have ridden around town numerous times with track 8 repeating and repeating and repeating, until even the 2 year old is "mixing it up." It's hysterical.

So I thought I would share an older song by Trudog that I found on YouTube. Maybe I will brainwash you as well.

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Kela said...

OH YEAH!!!! Sounds like our house (and truck)!! My kids wore this out (Hubby and I like it a lot too. LOL)!
Too cute!

lara said...

Kela, I love it too. :)

Beth said...

Listened to #8 on repeat for a solid hour today on our 12 hour drive...

lara said...

Beth, you should definitely have it memorized. We should take it on the road...on the women's retreat. nice. Hope your trip went well.

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