Monday, February 22, 2010


I awoke this morning with this phrase swirling around in my mind, "Nothing that this world can offer could ever match the beauty of Your holiness"--words from a song we sang in worship yesterday.

You know, I have spent the vast majority of my life just dabbling in the things of God with a divided heart--part of me wanting to honor our Maker, while the other part desiring the world to notice and fill. But about two years ago God faithfully crushed my false idols--things which He knew could never quench my unwavering thirst. And I have not been the same since.

Don't get me wrong. I am still tempted at times to set my gaze on earthly things. But something has changed. There is a taste of His uncontainable character lingering on my lips that draws me back to my knees in wonder.

We were created to desire Him. We were designed to find fullness in Him. "Nothing that this world can offer could ever match the beauty of Your holiness." The cry of a longing heart.

He is that good.

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Kim said...

Do you have any idea who wrote that song?

lara said...

I don't but I am sure I could find out. It was incredible.

Amber said...

Post it on Abby's wall, she'll tell you :)

Abby said...

Travis Cottrell wrote that song. It's called "Holy".

lara said...

Thanks Abby! Loved it.

Amber said...

Thank you!! I knew I had it on my iTunes and I was crazily skimming all my music this morning trying to find it. Meanwhile my kids were begging for breakfast, glad plan B worked much more efficiently.

Now I can go pull it up and listen :)

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