Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Kind King

Kindness marks His character. Have you ever wondered? Have you ever looked at the circumstances of your day and questioned, "Is this God truly kind?"

We all have moments of doubt--the nature of man begs for proof. But rest and victory over the moment come when we stand on His revelation regardless of what our physical eyes may see.

This kindness thing hit me this morning from the text I read in 2 Samuel 9--an encouraging read describing David's lavish expression of God's kindness upon his dear friend Jonathan's lame son.

He is kind.
He is kind.
He is kind.

When He works in the life of His child--when He ordains things that appear on the outset as detrimental--He is kind. A life of abundance and freedom remains priority in His purpose towards His own--for His glory and our good. And freedom comes when the chains are broken.

Today is all we have. So wherever you find yourself this day, rest upon the nature of the most High. Kindness marks His character.

Thank you, Lord.

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homebody0404 said...

As I read your comment, I'm listening to "In Christ Alone". How appropriate. Thank you for ministering to us with your post!

dawn said...

wonderful, wonderful post. Your thoughts align with mine--and the perspective I like to keep on life.

but I don't focus on His kindness often. i will today. thanks!

lara said...

@homebody0404, love that song--truth to music.

@dawn, me too. I often overlook His kindness in the day to day. -Thanking Him.

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