Friday, May 28, 2010

expecting disobedience

I want them to obey. Don't get me wrong. The days prove easier when they follow house rules. Pleasant moments free of discipline lift my soul. But it seems that my children's obedience--in-and-of-itself--is a skewed expectation. It only leads me to frustration.

Think about it. Kids are all flesh, born "spiritually dead." They do not yet have the Spirit of the Lord. So, really, I should expect them to disobey. I should be continually ready for their rebellion.


I keep coming back to the point of this parenting thing. The goal of leading my kids to the foot of the cross. Taking their little hand and placing it into the palm of their Creator. In love, training them up to eventually worship their Maker.

Paul teaches us in the book of Romans that God gave the Law to reveal our desperate need for a Savior. It wasn't meant to save us. Likewise, in some microcosm type way, my kids are under the Law right now. And they will never be able to perfectly abide.

Each time they slip, I am presented with yet another opportunity to teach them of their need for forgiveness--for Jesus. The One who will carry and free and forgive and redeem.

So I think a more biblical expectation is their disobedience. And each time they miss the mark, I pray God uses me to reveal His uncontainable love and His never-ending grace lavished through His Son.

What are your thoughts?

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