Tuesday, June 22, 2010

life without praise music

Something was missing. Granted our computer crashed--replaced with an outdated attempt for the moment. But something was missing...for weeks.


I told my man the other night that I missed the music. Songs of praise streaming through the downstairs as background to life. Our temporary "computer-replacement of-sorts" slowly processed...everything. Wiring overtook the corner desk with our quick fix. And the music... stopped.

And I found myself struggling with my thought life.

Instead of phrases that lifted the Holy One dancing through my mind--almost subconsciously--I slowly began welcoming intrusions. Instead of waking with shouts of joy in my spirit, worry or fear crept in as early morning "food."

Then I realized. My soul needs to praise my Lord with song. Needs.


True, I drive. And yes there are times of singing in the car. But jammin' with the Veggie Tales only takes one so far. I know that God is bigger than the "boogeyman." Hearing it for the 8th time in twenty minutes makes my ears grow numb.

I need more depth.

Our new--fast, rock star--computer arrived by FedEx last week. The very next day, the music began again. And--literally--my soul lifted.

Praising the King of Kings changes our perspective.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of song. Even my out-of-tune offerings bless Your Holy name.


Hanging out with other girls at "Chatting at the Sky" today. Click the link below to visit.

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