Monday, June 21, 2010

summer mission with my kids, part 2

"Buy a water, Feed the hungry."

"Yard sale with a cause."

We decided to sell water bottles, and other random stuff.

It wasn't rocket science.

My three little ones made the signs. Which ended with paint from head to toe. My daughter pulled some items from her room. I wrangled up treasures gathering dust in the attic. My husband disassembled the baby bed--sniff, sniff. And we opened our garage doors early Saturday morning.

I must admit that it started slow. And there were moments throughout the morning where my daughter nursed discouragement. But I reminded her to pray when she was anxious. To pray for God to open doors. To trust that He sees, cares, and is ultimately in control.

I taught her that God takes care of the results. If He has placed a desire in our heart, we are only responsible for our own obedience. He will take care of the rest. A lesson I am learning for myself at age thirty-something.

By lunchtime, with the air still and hot, we decided to call it a day. And my daughter was thrilled with the $75 she had raised.

Stay tuned for part 3 to find out the rest of the story...

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