Tuesday, July 13, 2010

born blind for His glory

Day after day, he sat in the open square, blind, begging for a handout. Something to ease his growling stomach. Something to offset the cultural rejection.

Then the unknown voice of a Man spoke to him.

Really spoke.

Like He actually saw him sitting on that dusty ground. Like His intent was not to simply step over his tired legs while dropping a few coins in his jar.

He stooped down to where he was.

The Man's rough, carpenter hands anointed the crippled eyes with clay and instructed him to go wash in the nearby waters. A poor beggar cast aside by the multitude obeyed by faith.

As the water dripped from his squinted eyes, sunlight and color and life overwhelmed his senses. And he rejoiced. He danced.

Those in power did not approve. Their pride led the way. And they questioned the Man's methods... and origin...and substance.

The blind-man-now-healed replied to their banter, "This is all I know: I once was blind but now I see."

Sight restored by faith for the glory of God.


(See John 9 for the scriptural account.)


It's Tuesday. Linking up with Emily over at "Chatting at the Sky." Thankful for the gift of His Word.

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