Thursday, July 1, 2010

revived blahs

I recently went through a short stint of emotional blahs. Nothing external had invaded my days. I still "juggled" a home, husband, three little ones, teaching, and writing. But inwardly a uninvited blah settled down.

A phrase I often say is that feelings are real but not reliable. And I've got lots of feelings. And feelings about the feelings. And feelings about those feelings. (You get the picture.) But feelings are slippery. They move and respond to circumstances that continually shift or words spoken in haste. They are not a reliable, firm foundation upon which to stand.

So in this short season of the blahs, I truly practiced what I preach. I daily (momently--is that even a word?) stirred my spirit towards truth. I audibly spoke God's promises--just to make sure any unseen "forces" knew my stance. I chose to believe my Lord in spite of my fluid feelings.

And He faithfully showed up.

He exposed my thought life--places I had allowed to creep in. He gently revealed what He wanted to mature in me--namely, love. He faithfully showed up and restored my soul.

I'm a girl. We girls feel lots of things. But joy unexplainable arises when we take those feelings--one-by-one--to His feet and ask how they line up with His Truth. Then we choose to submit to His Word rather than riding those waves of emotion.

The blahs may not leave overnight. But His truth faithfully oversteps the wayward emotions of those seeking after Him. Keep believing. Keep praising. Keep speaking forth His Word. He revives.

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