Thursday, August 26, 2010


We read distant stories of "mudslides" and "flooding" which leave millions without a home. Or get a call from a friend who must walk yet again through a fiery trial--her faith being refined. Or we, ourselves, face that dreaded outcome, that broken trust, or that debilitating fear. And the choice presents itself. On Thursday. And every other moment.

Do we define our God through our circumstance? Or do we define our circumstance through the character of our God?

The choice determines our stance. It determines our peace and rest. It determines whether joy will eventually reside in our wounded heart or if desperation will lead us astray.

Feelings and questions naturally invade and demand we look. But He remembers we are but dust. It's what we do with the feelings and questions--bringing them to His throne and insisting they bow down to the Truth.

A simple look and the earth trembles. A gentle touch and the hills smoke. (Psalm 104:32) There is a God reigning over this day. May we allow His character to affect our heart. The victory is our faith.

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