Thursday, September 9, 2010

my "dumb" phone

I have been tempted towards a slight obsession.

My phone is officially "dumb." It's on a different galaxy from the phones of today. It isn't quite a bag phone but definitely on the outdated list. And I am due for an upgrade. Yes. A free upgrade.

So I picked a new phone--not a smart phone but a "less-dumb" phone with a touch screen and full keyboard. And I am very excited. It just feels cool and sleek and fun. The problem? It's on back order.

It has only been a week, but if I let my mind wander, I think about this silly phone. I call to see if the phone is yet in stock. I ponder the possibility that my carrier is actually lying because they don't really want to give the phone away for free. I admit it. I have been tempted towards a slight obsession.

I say tempted because God graciously reveals my heart. When anxiety over something so ridiculously temporal arises, He faithfully lifts my chin and points my eyes back to Him.

But aren't we all tempted to obsess. So much pulls for our attention--our obsession. Whether it is captivation over blog comments, Google ratings, Facebook status "likes," Twitter followers, iPhones, men, romance, rights, or fixing circumstances in accordance to our agenda, we as humans will be tempted towards obsession on a number of levels. Continually.

Back in July, I wrote a post entitled "obsession." And my summary? There is only One worthy of our constant preoccupation.

Life will come at us. New technology, vain hopes of popularity, and inconvenient, life-altering trials will inevitably cross our path. Granted, stuff has to be done and kids have to be fed, bathed, and trained up. Lists often need their boxes checked. But beneath it all, the question to ask is, "What is my constant preoccupation?"

I'll tell you one thing, this new phone that I may one day hold is not worthy of this much attention. "Only You, Lord. Only You."

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