Friday, October 22, 2010

P31P-day 16, clothed

guest writer: emily dillard

I can't do this. I have nothing "life altering" to share. I'm not insightful. I am not a writer. I can barely do anything worth anything these days. What do I really do anyway? I mean, compared to [insert name of friend who seems to have it all together] I am just pretty ordinary, and my life is pretty...boring.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

This is so often an example of a thought process in my head. Can you relate? We can all do it. It's called insecurity. It might look a bit different to each of us, but the dialogue in our heads is constant. Satan trying to feed us lies, get us to disbelieve God about who we are in Him. It creeps in slowly; it festers. It poisons relationships. It makes us restless. Makes us feel naked and...ashamed.

She is clothed.

By who? The Almighty God Himself. With what?

Strength & Dignity.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. For a unique purpose. An identity. Not one that can be given to us by a job or a man or a great outfit, but only by our Creator.

When we feel that unrest in our souls, feel like we don't fit in, we all look for ways to numb it. Something that will perk us up, make us feel better about ourselves. It might be a good cup of coffee or an indulgent piece of cake; it might be putting on that low-cut shirt or those tight jeans that make all the guys notice when we walk by. But ultimately none of those things fill the void. The only true rest for our souls comes from believing we are who God says we are. He clothes us with strength and dignity.

When we are walking in that, my sisters, is when we have no need to fear the unknown, no need to fear that we don't fit in with the crowd. No need for insecurity. Instead, we can laugh at the days to come. Be glad. Fill your spirit with Joy that only He gives.

Be secure. You are clothed.


Emily, this is just beautiful! Thank you for being used by Him to bless us today with an encouraging word. We are clothed because He clothes us. Amen!

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