Thursday, October 21, 2010

P31P-day 15, powerfully gifted

My sister and I call them "sercies." Little surprises. Gifts given simply because you love and want to bless the other. Or because that shirt would look perfect on her. I love a sercie.

But God gives BIG sercies. Life-altering, plan-changing, ministry-empowering sercies. He gives these gifts to all of His children--all who come into His family through the blood of His Son. When His Spirit seals us, He manifests Himself through us for the profit of many.

These gifts are given by grace. We do not deserve them. We cannot earn them. But He gives a measure to each that we might edify, sharpen, and unite with one another as we do this life-thing here on earth. That He may be glorified.

HE gifts us to teach, to write, to minister, and to heal. HE does that, by His grace, for the profit of all. But the really amazing thing is that walking in our individual gifts enlivens and blesses us.

He continually blows me away.

It appears that our lady in Proverbs lived out of her gifts. Granted the Spirit had not yet fully come, but her Designer made her to be an artisan. Her hands were created to create. And I imagine she moved about with a song of praise and thanks in her heart.

She gave Him her gifts and
asked Him to use them for the profit of many

Sister-friend, He has gifted you. Gifted. You. By His grace, you are called and equipped to powerfully minister to those He places in your path. So, you go, you Proverbs 31 girl. Walk forth in His gifts.


To read more on spiritual gifts, pull out His word and read what Paul has to say in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12-13.

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