Friday, November 19, 2010

one. in a billion

Sometimes I feel like just one in a billion.



Just one in a sea of masses.

Then I hear that voice. The One of Him who designed me, and you. And He says that He knit me together. That He purposed my days. That He called me by name. And that He knows the very hairs upon my head. Even the number of grey strands that I try to hide.

He has placed us here, in this generation, in this season of life, in this sphere of influence on purpose. Uniquely created and supernaturally equipped to fulfill His call. To bring glory to His name.

When the lies of insignificance stand up as if they own the place, He reminds, "Sweet daughter, you are Mine. And I am King."

He speaks the same to you, sister-friend. Walk with courage.

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