Thursday, February 24, 2011

calling all couponing-divas for such a cause as this

On Tuesday I posted about my trite need for recipes when the world is dying of hunger. It was a sobering day. But a dear friend commented about her wise use of coupons and it got me thinking.

She coupons in order to stock pile items so that her family can give those things to people in need. Brilliant, huh?! And maybe enough motivation to get me back on the coupon wagon.

I am the worst at couponing. In grocery store visits of old, I have fumbled around with slippery 50-cent-off coupons while my kids grew ever-impatient, nearly scaling the dairy case. So I gave it all up. The reason to coupon was not worth the hassle of carrying it out.

But, if I had some tips on how to coupon quickly and easily for such a cause as this, I may be able to follow through. And I bet others may be inspired as well.

So we coupon-drop-outs need you money-saving-divas. Either leave a comment with your amazingly easy ideas or link up one of your own blog posts that inspires and equips.

Come on girls. I know you are out there.

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