Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my "need" was so trite in comparison

I was originally going to post today about my need for new recipes. How I was in a meal rut, preparing the same three dinners for my sweet family each week, while then grazing on the leftovers.

Then I picked up Compassion's Winter magazine. And the original post felt so trite.

"The world's greatest health risk: Hunger." Hunger. Sometimes I just need a shake back into reality. While I moan over eating a big plate of hot spaghetti...again...billions are starving. While our nation consumes more calories than any other, most scrounge for a bite.

To be honest, I read these statistics and I am left paralyzed on my soft couch in hopelessness. The task appears daunting. The numbers overwhelming.

So I ask His opinion.

I think our call is simple as the Maker's children. First, let's not forget. Let us not grow blind to the great need "out there." Let us remember a world desperate for the basics.

And second, let's do something. Anything. As an individual we may not be able to save the whole world, but we can help one. Or two. Or five. We can ask Him to open a door where our excess can be shared with another. Locally or globally.

So I am not going to whine about eating the same thing again tonight. I lift up thanks and ask that our fill be used to bless another.

Bringing it home...

How about you? What do these statistics do to your own heart?

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