Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am a {recovering} control-freak

Hi my name is Lara and I am a {recovering} control-freak.

Sometimes I need a strong dose of His sovereignty.

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When people or situations jump out of my box of control, the old me--we'll call her Wilma--is tempted to arise, surfacing as fear or angst or frustration. And I can allow the momentary struggle to steal the joy and peace rightfully mine in the Lord. Rightful through His sacrifice.

It's then I have some choices to make.

I can set my eyes on the thing happening, or the person disappointing, and define my God through my circumstance. {He must not love. He must not see. He must not be able to rescue.}

Or I can define the moment through the character of my God.

He does not say "oops" or "I did not expect that one." No sin or disease confounds him. No man can take his scepter. No storm sends rain apart from his word.

To Wilma I say, "Believe him! He loves. He remembers. He sees. He works. He promises to work all things together for the good of those who love him. He will guide. Abide there. Rest. there."

I twist and squirm as the truth tries to settle down into my spirit. I fight it for a time, questioning in disbelief. But ever-so-slowly, I allow His covering. And His incomprehensible peace soothes and mends.

And Wilma soon retreats.

Sometimes I just need a good talkin' to. {And for those who are wondering...I don't really talk to Wilma. No need for an intervention.}

Bringing it home...

How does life tempt you to believe that He has lost control?

How can we actively choose to stand on His character and promises regardless of our circumstance?

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