Friday, February 18, 2011

learning to love regardless

I recently spoke to a group of moms in Knoxville, TN. A precious woman said something afterwards that stuck with me.

{And I paraphrase.} "When we stand before our God we cannot point the finger at others in defense of our unforgiving, ungracious, unlovely behavior. It is me before my Lord. I want to be found faithful to love, regardless."

Is that not great?! Too often we get hung up on rights or demands, yet His burden is light. Our freedom call is to love. Just love.

Unforgiveness and bitterness steal the joy He died to give us. They bind us with chains and place our focus within this earthly realm. We miss His blessings when we choose to wear the Avenger's cloak.

He is teaching me--this slow learner that I am.

Each day it is simply me before my Lord--you before your Lord. He promises His strength when our weaknesses overtake us, if we humbly believe.

If you are having trouble truly loving another, begin here:

  1. Repent. Confess your insufficiencies out-loud before the Lord. He is faithful to cleanse all unrighteousness. Revival always begins with repentance.

  2. Ask Him to love through you. Cry out with all your heart. He alone enables us to love our "enemies," as Christ commands. Unless He fills and spills, we will be left with spinning wheels. {Hey, I'm rhyming.}

  3. Follow His promptings to practically love. We love in the moments of our day. Ask Him to show you practical ways to love the other. Listen to His promptings and then obey.

Blessing follows obedience. It's how He works. Our souls He will bless as we choose the way of love, regardless of the other.

Bringing it home...

How have you struggled to love your "enemies"?

What practical advice do you have for others?

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