Monday, February 21, 2011

their little feet follow wherever mine go

The dentist stirred up a fire in my 6 year old daughter. After he visited her classroom talking about cavities and proper dental care, my girl jumped into the car after school and began quizzing us on our flossing regimen.

So I had to admit it. I'm a sporadic floss-er. There, I said it. I typically floss on an as-needed basis. Well, that and a two-week intensive prior to my next dental appointment for fear of the hygienist's judgment.

I know that flossing is important. But the head knowledge does not affect my typical daily habit. So I live in shame.

photo credit - timfotography

My kids follow my lead. In fact, my daughter's flossing passion has waned since that dentist's frightful visit. As I failed to enforce the floss, she has failed to make it a habit.

They do reflect more ways than just flossing.

If I truly love the unlovely, then they will learn love. If I feed the hungry or visit the lonely, then they will more likely do the same. If I apply the Word to my dailiness, then they will be prone to follow suit.

Their feet are following mine. So I want my toes pointing towards the Lover of their little souls.

Bringing it home...

How have you seen your own kids reflecting your heart convictions? Positive or negative.

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