Friday, February 4, 2011

what I DON'T do so I can do what I

The other day I spent some time with my sweet friend Emily from Chatting at the Sky. (Doesn't she just rock?!) Anyway, through our kid-free conversation we found ourselves in a discussion over the things that we DON'T do.

I figure the list just needs to be blogged. So here goes. Ten things I don't do so I can do the things I

  1. I don't bake {often}. Unless you count slice and bake.

  2. I don't scrapbook, sew, or knit. In fact, the stack of idealistic cutesy papers and supplies in my hall closet haunts me.

  3. (Martha would be so disappointed.)

  4. I don't {formally} homeschool. I say formally because I don't have official desks. Though we as believers should all be homeschooling to some extent. Read this excellent post from "Motherhood Your Way".

  5. I don't dust, mop, and/or vacuum my house every single week. Learning to be OK with dust at the top of my door frames.

  6. I don't watch {much} TV. I can't find much that impresses me.

  7. I don't nap...except on Sundays. Lovin' the Sunday nap.

  8. I don't regularly re-decorate my home. In fact I still have some blank walls that cry out for a covering.

  9. I don't talk long on the phone. Unless my children are all strapped into their car seats.

  10. I don't spend hours on social media. I try to remain purposeful and remember my "why" and my "how long."

  11. I don't sleep late. Though one day when the kids are away at college, I hope to stay in bed until at least seven. {wink}

I want to do most of those things. I enjoy having fresh muffins for my kids and seeing my walls full of up-to-date photographs. I love to sleep in and engage the social media outlets. But to do what He has for me this day, I simply have to lay some things down.

He gives the same amount of time to each of us. Twenty-four hours per day. No more, no less. We have the time to do all that He has called us to do. The key is seeking Him in the moments to know exactly how He desires we spend that time. No other life fulfills.

So there you have it. Ten things I don't do, so that I can do the things I

Bringing it home...

What don't you do so that you have time to do the things He has called you to do in this season of your life?

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