Thursday, February 10, 2011

when exactly did I become a woman?

Someone recently referred to me as a woman {which is better, I suppose, than her referring to me as a man}. But the word sat on me funny. Woman.

I tried to remember when I crossed over to that woman side, leaving the girl behind. Granted I am thirty-something, driving the Bling, with three kids needing my constant provision. But woman?

I'm not so sure if I can find the tune for such a song.

photo credit - M. Angel Herrero

I think I know me too well. I know my childlike need to learn the same truths again and again and again. I see Him clearly as Father, but to think He might define me as His woman-daughter causes my voice to crack a bit off key.


I guess we all struggle to truly hear. He defines us one way and we wrestle to believe.

He declares us forgiven, yet we drag around those rusty chains of condemnation. He describes us as new, yet we live under the bondage of old strongholds. He covers us with freedom words, yet the slave clothes fit comfortable and worn.

Why do we do that?

I want to believe what He says about me. To learn the notes of this--His--song. I am His woman-daughter, maturing and growing ever-more confident as I walk equipped and empowered by His great grace to sing.

OK. Maybe I can play this song as I keep my eyes set on the Composer-Director.

Bringing it home...

How do you struggle to believe what He declares about you?

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