Thursday, May 12, 2011

infusing hope: four things to remember {3}

The rains will fall. The waters will rise. This side of Jesus' return, the trials will come. But they are not without purpose. They do not define our God.

{number 3}

Remember. His promises remain even when the waters ahead seem impossible to cross. We just have to be wild enough to believe him in spite of what our eyes may see.

As our toes dip into that water's edge--believing that he goes before us into the deep--the rushing ceases. The waters flee from him. The seas turn away into a heap. He makes a path for our feet, often straight through the seeming impossible. And what should have been our demise, becomes a place of rejoicing.

His promises stand.

Our gaze will be tested on this life-journey. But faith is the victory. Believing him to do what he promises he will do--regardless of the momentary waters--causes hope to rise.

Remember. If he said it, then it will come to pass.

Bringing it home...

Are there some deep waters ahead?

What promises are you clinging to as you step into what seems impossible to cross?

For those who have more time, read Joshua 3:9-17. What stirs up hope in your spirit from Joshua's example?

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