Saturday, May 14, 2011

taking the leap

Blogger was down for a couple of days due to "technical difficulty." Poor thing. It was so confused. It even sent out one of my older posts yesterday. But, God was and is in control...even over technology.

In fact, the little system glitch was the final nudge I needed. I have started the process of creating a new blog website. And I am so excited.

The content will be the same. But the blog title will be easier to remember. And the platform will be more reliable. Plus...sometimes a fresh start is just fun. Hopefully the changes will be made by the end of June. But I will keep you posted because I can't imagine "moving" without you going with me!

So grab some good jumping shoes and we will take the leap together. And yes, they can still be cute.

Bringing it home...

Do you like change? Why or why not?

I'll be back on Monday with {number four} of the short series "infusing hope: four things to remember."

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